Tattoo Time



1. Keep your tattoo wrapped in cling film for 2 hours

2. Take cling film off and wash with clean warm soapy water ( DO NOT SOAK)

3. Pat dry with kitchen towel or clean cloth and apply a small amount of  HUSTLE BUTTER ( Vegan) or BEPANTHEN then re-wrap in a new piece of cling film.

4. Repeat this process twice a day for 2 days. It must be wrapped continuously and only removed to wash  ( if there is any irritation or rash while wrapping your tattoo. Stop covering in cling film and continue with step 5a)

5. After the 2 days take the cling film off and keep it off. (5a)  wash it twice a day and apply the AFTERCARE CREAM 3 to 4 times a day or  until the scabs come off.

6. DO NOT PICK, SOAK OR SCRATCH your new tattoo and DO NOT expose to sun beds or direct sunlight for at least 1  month

7. Suggestion once all the scabs are off you can moisturize with some Palmer’s cocoa butter or bio oil but this is not essential.


External Piercings

(Bellies, eyebrows, ears, noses, nipples and lip)

Things you will need. Sea salt, fragrant free or antibacterial soap, cotton pads or buds.

1. Piercings should be cleaned 2 times a day starting the night after you get the new piercing. This should be done with clean hands.

2. Lather the soap in your hand to create some foam, lather it around the piercing and let it sit on there for a few seconds well the soap loses the dry discharge that may have formed around the piecing.

3. Start to move the jewelry slowly up and down. ( DO NOT REMOVE THE JEWELRY)

4. Once you have cleaned it thoroughly rinse it under clean running water, moving it again to flush out all the soap.

5. Mix some new warm salt water, half tsp salt for 1 cup warm water.

6. Using a new cotton pad/bud, dab the piercing several times making sure the solution is inside and around the piercing, this may sting a little.

7. For navel you may wish to put the solution in a small cup, cupping it on your navel and gently lying down so the cup is upside down allowing the piercing to soak for a few min.

8. Every so often tightens the balls on the jewelry as everyday movement can sometimes loosen the balls. If you wish to change the jewelry this should be done NO sooner than 1 months after the piercing has been done and should not be taken and left out for a period of time as this may cause the piercing to close. REMEMBER after a month if it looks healed this will seldom be the case and cleaning should be kept up for a few months.

9. With LIP piercings you should also rinse your mouth out 3 to 4 times  a day with Alcohol-free mouthwash or salt water

Things not to do
Do not touch with dirty hand, pick, play with, wear tight clothing. Do not put on makeup, lotions, and ointments onto your new piercings.

Internal Piercings

(Tongues, lips and frenulum)
Things you will need. Alchohol free mouthwash or salt water, anti-inflammatories, and painkillers.

1. Your new piercing should be cleaned for the first time the evening after you receive it.

2. Your mouth should be rinsed out 3 to 4 times a day with diluted mouthwash, 1 part mouthwash to 1 part water.

3. The cleaning times should be evenly spaced out and preferably after eating.

4. You may want to get a new soft toothbrush to clean your tongue. Teeth should be cleaned as normal.

5. Your tongue will start to swell a few hours after it has been pierced. This is normal and anti-inflammatories (can be purchased from a pharmacy) or sucking on ice can be used to help relieve the swelling.

6. Do not eat hard or spices foods for the first few days. Soups, yogurts and baby food is a good option at this stage.

7. A healthy diet and vitamin c can help with the healing.

8. The bar must be changed to a shorter bar in around 1-2 weeks to prevent damage to your tongue and teeth.

9. Your tongue should be healed after it has returned to its original colour and size.

10. Do not worry if your tongue forms a white/yellow substance on it as this is a part of the natural healing. If it is excessive it could be due to over-cleaning.

11. If you have any worries about your piercing please feel free to come in and see us.

Things that will prolong healing
Smoking, drinking, kissing, playing with your new piercing and oral sex should be avoided during the healing time.

If you have any inquiries or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch